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September 6th nuggets

Here are some fresh team nuggets going into Labor Day, following Alabama's second scrimmage of fall camp.

Yes, you heard that right. Saturday’s 12th practice of the season was a full on scrimmage. Nick Saban had said that the 12th practice would be a lot if situational set ups, but this was a scrimmage from what we gather, with the main focus being getting reps for the quarterbacks.

Alabama started the CFB season Saturday

Heading into the week, Saban had commented that this last week was more like game week. They went hard on Tuesday and Wednesday, went a little lighter on Thursday, had a walk through on Friday, and then this scrimmage at the stadium on Saturday. Think about it like this: Alabama was supposed to play USC yesterday, so to push forward with the kick off of the college football season, Saban played the Alabama first team offense vs. the Alabama first team defense.

You could look at the large scope of fall training camp like this

Saturday, August 29th - Scrimmage

Saturday, September 5 - Scrimmage (opening kickoff)

Saturday, September 16 - Scrimmage (game No. 2)

Saturday, September 19th - Open week

Saturday, September 26th - Missouri (3rd game of the season)

What we learned from the scrimmage on Saturday

As mentioned, this scrimmage had kickoffs, punts, field goals, everything like a real game. The scrimmage had a heavy emphasis on seeing how each of the quarterbacks fared in game situations. Mac Jones went with the first team offense...

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Alabama quarterback Mac Jones | Getty Images
Alabama quarterback Mac Jones | Getty Images
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