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Daz goes in-depth on commitment to Alabama

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Dazalin Worsham, 2020 four-star wide receiver from Hewitt-Trussville High School in Alabama, pulled off a little bit of a surprise on Friday evening when he announced an early commitment to the University of Alabama.

"After thinking about it for a while and evaluating the schools I was interested in, Bama was just the perfect fit for me," Worsham said. "I went ahead and did it with no doubt so I can learn the system over the next two years in high school.

"Their wide receivers fit me and the way I play. It’s home, and I feel like I can have a lot of success there. It's just a great place."

Worsham has formed a tight bond with the Crimson Tide coaching staff.

"I spoke with Coach Saban, Coach Gattis, Coach Key, and really the whole coaching staff," he said. "Coach Saban was super excited and said that he believes that I can really do great things there and thinks I can become a great player.

"Coach Key was super excited and glad for me to be apart of the family and can’t wait for me to be there.

"Coach Gattis was super pumped and ready to get this thing rolling and coach me. I love him, he’s a great coach and has big plans and goals. He's a great person too and a family man."

Alabama has a pair of Worsham's teammates on the commitment list in 2019- Pierce Quick and Paul Tyson. Two well known recruiters for the Crimson Tide. Worsham admits those guys have been in his ear about jumping on board in the 2020 class. He is excited about their future together.

"Ehh a pretty good bit," he responded when asked how hard Quick and Tyson have recruited him. "Honestly, Paul and I talked and I knew I was going to Bama before he committed.

"It’s means a lot honestly (to play together in college). It brings our relationship a lot closer knowing we will be playing the next four years together."

Does Worsham expect to take any additional visits?

"I am completely solid, and nope I don’t plan on it," Worsham stated.

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