Round Table: Christensen is special teams MVP

Tw6nx1bhjvhwkxuve1nk recently polled members of its premium message board --the Round Table-- in an effort to identify the Alabama Crimson Tide's offensive, defensive and special teams most valuable players for the 2005 football season. The Round Table has spoken, and today we'll spotlight the player it tabbed as the Tide's top special teams performer.
Sophomore placekicker Jamie Christensen picked up BOL special teams MVP honors after converting 14 of 21 field goal attempts and 24 of 25 extra points in ten regular-season games. Christensen etched his name in Tide lore after making game-winning kicks against Ole Miss and Tennessee. He also recorded 13 touchbacks while handling kickoffs.
In what was easily the closest race of the three polls, Christensen was the choice of 170 of the 394 members (43 percent) who voted. Kickoff and punt coverage ace Rashad Johnson was next with 127 votes, while running back Jimmy Johns' 45 votes placed him third.
Johnson posted seven tackles, including five solos, and a forced fumble while covering kicks. Johns, who also excelled in kick coverage, recorded four tackles and his lone forced fumble resulted in a Matt Miller return for a touchdown in Alabama's 17-0 win over Mississippi State.
Junior linebacker Terrence Jones and senior long snapper Drew Lane rounded out the poll, receiving 28 and 24 votes, respectively.
The following is a sampling of comments made by Round Table members who participated in the poll:
StepL: Drew may be the best long snapper I've ever seen (I don't pay that much attention to them obviously) I remember one bad snap and it was a tad high for Schatz (no small wonder). Most consistent performer on the team.
CrimsonKat: Hate to go against Christensen, but as far as doing your job perfect at pretty much every opportunity this year (and last), I have to go with Drew Lane. With a 5'6" punter, the margin for error was extremely small for Lane and he put most every snap on the money.
glen55: I voted for Rashad, and would have anyway I think, but DeMeco Ryans was big on punt coverage this year. He's just such a sure tackler.
Nedward: No one ever notices D. Lane, which is why he's the MVP
Unctuouszeppo: Rashad Johnson is all over the place. He usually is the one to make the first tackle or touch.
jmahalas: I want to vote for Rashad Johnson, but it's hard to vote against a kicker who has won 2 games for you.
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