Quarterback gives interesting insight on draft

Who needs Mel Kiper when you have the starting quarterback for the defending national chamapions?
Thursday evening, Alabama's Greg McElroy sent out a nearly-endless stream of Twitter messgaes while watching the first round of the NFL Draft and gave insight to nearly every draft.
Not only did it get the attention of many Crimson Tide fans, but national media as well, causing the number of his followers to skyrocket.
Here's a sampling:
Sam Bradford selected first overall: "Nobody deserves it more than Sam Bradford. He is such a hard a hard worker and has battled from serious adversity."
A few picks in: "According to my buddy, Tebow will be in the first round. He's a great football player. Gotta appreciate what he brought to the college game."
The follow-up: "I will be at 'Dega this weekend. And my buddy will remain private but he does play for the gators."
When Eric Berry went to Kansas City: "Eric Berry crushed me last year on the third play of the game."
On Russell Okung (sixth pick): "According to Zac Robinson last summer, Okung is a freak and a stud. Can't wait to see how everything unfolds tonight."
On Rolando: "According to my source, Rolando is looking at either Denver or the New York Giants. But you never know in the draft."
The follow-up: "The hardest hit last year resulted in broken ribs. His name was Brandon Spikes."
Joe Haden goes to Cleveland: "Gotta funny story about Haden. On the screen to Mark in the 3rd quarter, he ran right by me and said, 'Dang, nice sell bro.'"
Rolando selected: "Yes!!!!!!!"
The follow-up: "Couldn't be happier to be wrong in my entire life. Our leader and one heck on a player. So glad to see him come off the board."
Another pick: "Kareem is next most likely. Let's keep our fingers crossed for sooner rather than later."
The follow-up: "Seriously, how does everyone feel about the draft. I love it so much."
Another follow-up: "I love the delayed reaction from everyone when they show the draft parties of all the players."
San Diego trades up for Fresno State running back Ryan Mathews: "Mathews is unreal on film. Watched it when coach Mac came to Bama. He is awesome. Great pick."
Broncos trade down, positioning themselves for Tebow: "I wonder why the Broncos traded down, wanted Rolando perhaps?"
Earl Thomas taken by Seattle: "One more stud I played against. As fast as anyone I've seen on film. Such a great and intelligent player."
Mike Iupati selected by San Francisco: "Mike Johnson said Iupati was awesome. Obviously he was right."
Pittsburgh's pick is made by someone through the Make-A-Wish Foundation: "Wow, so cool to be able to announce the 1st round pick for the NFL Draft. Zachary Hatfield, you are an inspiration."
Florida's Markice Pouncey going to the Steelers: "According to Cory Reamer, Pouncey was the most physical player he's seen on film. Looking forward to following his career."
Sam Weatherspoon goes to Atlanta: "I know Chase (Daniel) is happy to see another Missouri Tiger being drafted early. They are producing some great talent."
Jackson is the 20th pick: "KJ is going to Texas!!"
The follow-up: "KJ made me a better player day in and day out. So happy to see a guy have so much success. He deserves it so much. I'll be rooting for him."
Jermaine Gresham goes to Cincinnati: "Carson (Palmer) is a longtime friend of the family and I'm excited to see what he can do with a player as talented as J. Gresham."
More on Jackson: "I love the Cowboys more than anything, but I'm anxious to see how Kareem matches up against Miles Austin and Roy Williams."
Denver takes Demaryius Thomas: "Colin Peek played with Thomas, said he was a physical player. Couldn't showcase it much in the offense, but he's a stud."
The follow-up, in response to a question: "College football is a small world, so it's easy to know everyone."
Dez Bryant to the Cowboys: "Dez! He's one of the best players I've seen up close. Played him two years (ago) and he killed us but he is unreal."
Denver picks Tebow: "Did I call the Tebow pick or what!!"
The follow-up: "They just showed one of my best friends, Pat Benoist, #30 for Vandy. He got stiff-armed by Tebow. Hahahahahahaah."
Another follow-up: "Tebow is such a role model. Everyone should appreciate what he did for the college game."
Dan Williams of Tennessee goes to Arizona: "Once again another guy who lit me up. Dan Williams was a big man. Definitely under-appreciated. He wrecked havoc all day against us."
The follow-up: "Not one highlight of me getting clobbered. I'm a little disappointed."