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What's been said about Alabama Crimson Tide's assistants this offseason

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Photo | Alabama Athletics
Photo | Alabama Athletics (UA Athletics)

Alabama saw a major shakeup this offseason as it brought in six new assistant coaches to its staff. The Crimson Tide also promoted Mike Locksley to offensive coordinator and Tosh Lupoi to defensive coordinator while switching Joe Pannunzio to running backs coach. Offensive line coach Brent Key is the only member of the current staff to remain in the same role he held last season.

Here’s a look at what’s been said this offseason about all 10 of Alabama’s assistant coaches.

Mike Locksley — offensive coordinator 

"I think that his enthusiasm and his attention to detail is something that he definitely adds to our offense. The way that he emphasizes those details, day in and day out in meetings, on the practice field, those are all things that he does. So, I think that that’s something that he can bring to our offense.” — running back Damien Harris

"He really shares his time equally between all the position, and I really think that helps, not only him but us to figure out our dynamic with the offensive coordinator and to really grow a relationship with him. Because in the past, the offensive coordinator has always been working with the quarterbacks. So we really feel like he's all of our coach now, not just one position coach. So that's been great for us." — tight end Hale Hentges

Tosh Lupoi — defensive coordinator/outside linebackers  

"He brings the energy every day to everybody on the team. One thing he does really well, he’s a really good teacher. He likes to break things down to the concepts, and that way you learn the foundations and they it builds from there. Like I said, he just brings the energy and guys take to him very well.

"He has the same kind of energy in the meeting room as he does on the field. He likes to make sure we’re all up and focused. He has fun in there because you can’t be too serious, you’ll lose guys that way. He likes to have some fun with it, and he’ll joke around a little bit. But like I said, he’s got high energy, and you can’t help but pay attention when you’ve got a guy like that. It’s good.” — outside linebacker Christian Miller

"This guy clearly loves the game of football and he loves his players. I’m proud of him, I’m thankful for him as a coach, and I think he’s going to do so well as the defensive coordinator.” — outside linebacker Jamey Mosley

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