TideSports QA: Tyler Hayes

TideSports.com caught up with Alabama commitment Tyler Hayes after his season opener. Hayes talks recruiting, the position he wants to play at the next level and his favorite food.
Q: Since committing to Alabama, has recruiting picked up from other schools?

A: No, not really. I'm stuck on Alabama, so even if they start offering, I'm not decommitting from (Alabama).

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Q: Is it easier for you now that you've got your commitment out of the way and you can focus on your senior season?
A: It is, but now I know that I've got a target on my back just because I'm committed to Alabama. It's still a whole lot easier because I've got that stress off my back and I can just play football.
Q: Why do you think you're under the radar when it coms to recruiting?
A: I don't think about it. I just play my game and give help to my teammates. I don't care about all that.
Q: Going into your senior year, how are you going to use your leadership skills to keep the team motivated?
A: We've got to have high expectations and go from there. You're only as good as your senior class. The (younger) guys know what we expect out of them, so they will live up to those expectations.
Q: What's the biggest area that you think you can improve on before you get to Alabama?
A: My weight. I'm 210 (pounds) right now, and I'm looking at least to get to 220 going in and probably bump up to 230, 235.
Q: Would you rather put weight on and play linebacker or stay where you're at and play safety?
A: Wherever they need me to play, I'm not going to ask any questions. I just want to get up there and play. I mean I would like to play safety because it would be something new. I think I'd be a good coverage guy. Whichever one comes first, I guess I'll be playing.
Q: Is there a player you model your game after?
A: C.J. Mosley, I like him. When I went to the camp, me and him hung out a lot. He plays that Mike linebacker.
Q: From all of the camps and recruiting circles this summer, have you been staying in contact with any other Alabama commitments?
A: Ryan Anderson, me and him became good friends. Him, Reggie Ragland, Eddie Williams, all of us are pretty cool. Every time we go to camp, we always get together and hang out. It will be nice to play with people who you've built a relationship with.
Q: Do you have plans to enroll early?

A: No, I'm going to finish my high school year out.
Favorite restaurant: Chinese restaurant
Favorite food: Lasagna
Favorite movie: I am Legend
Car: I drive a truck.
What do you want to be after football?: Something in communications