The Round Table MVP: Offense

Pw2u6etcozw4uw8sryqb recently polled the members of its premium message board --the Round Table-- in an effort to identify the Alabama Crimson Tide's most valuable players on offense for the 2006 football season. The Round Table has spoken, and today we'll spotlight the player it tabbed as the Tide's top player on offense.
Junior wide receiver DJ Hall picked up BOL's offensive MVP honors after breaking the school record for receiving yards in a season with 1014 yards on 57 catches. Hall also contributed 5 touchdown catches and broke another school record for most 100-yard receiving games in a season with 7.
In a landslide victory, Ft. Walton Beach native was the choice of 301 of the 576 members (52 percent) who took part in the poll. Quarterback John Parker Wilson was next with 218 votes, while sophomore center Antoine Caldwell finished third.
Wilson threw for 2539 yards, a new single season record at Alabama, with 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Wilson also used his legst to make plays for the Tide, running for 76 yards on the season.
After taking over at center for last year's Cotton Bowl, Caldwell has become the leader of the Tide offensive line taking snaps at guard and right tackle on occasion as well.
The following is a sampling of comments made by Round Table members who participated in the poll:
SDunbar: Caldwell, imagine how bad the line would be without him!
bamajoker: Toss up between J.P. and DJ.
~Tide~: I'll also put him as MVP overall. Antione Caldwell. I am so very glad he wears Crimson.
Crimson12Nation: I officially vote for Co-Offensive POTY with DJ and JPW.
jhawkins23: Although DJ slipped a little against AU, I think he has to be the guy. Wilson had some bad outings and made some bad decisions in crucial situations that cost us. Not a slam on him but he is a sophomore. I think he is the hands down favorite for next year. I also like Caldwell but the play of the line hurts my opinion of what he accomplished this season individually. I think DJ is the offensive player of the year for us.
glen55: Wilson had a good year, and helped Hall and Brown put up their stats, but I think they helped him more.
I put Keith and D.J. about equal when both are healthy, but Brown basically missed half the season with injuries. D.J. was hurt all year as well, but at least for most of the season it was just a nagging little hurt that he was able to play through without being significantly hampered.
That makes it Hall for me. Not too tough a pick, either.
bamafan661: How can it be anyone other than JPW who took a beating and who established all kinds of records leading the team, only as a sophomore. He is a warrior, deserving of recognition and appreciation. He played many times while hurt and put it behind him and ignored the pain. We have not had his equal in many years.
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