Steele gets tutorials from Michael Jordan

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama point guard Ronald Steele got a tutorial - on and off the court - from Michael Jordan.
Steele found himself guarding the former Chicago Bulls star during a camp that Jordan founded in Santa Barbara, Calif.
''I guarded him one play,'' Steele told The Birmingham news in a phone interview from California. ''I did everything I could and he still scored on me.
''He hit a fadeaway on me. I don't remember how close it was, but I cut him off good and he still hit it.''
Steele, who is working the camp along with teammate Jermareo Davidson, still managed to make an impression on the 43-year-old Jordan.
Jordan pulled him aside after one session, giving him some tips and ''a lot of compliments.''
''He said, `As a point guard the ball's always in your hands. You dictate the game, not only by how you play but how you run your team,''' Steele said. ''He told me not many point guards can dictate the game, but I can.''
Jordan also invited him to play in a two-on-two pickup game.
''It's amazing to watch him out there on the court and see how good he is,'' Steele said. ''Even at 43, he's the best player I've ever seen.''
And the pickup games?
''Michael still wins every one of those games,'' Steele said.