Signee update: Brian Vogler

BamaOnLine.com's annual series updating recently signed prospects continues with a visit with Brian Vogler, who has bucked family tradition to play for the University of Alabama instead of attending Florida.
Name: Brian Vogler
Position: Tight end

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Rivals.com Position Ranking: Ninth-ranked tight end
High school: Brookstone School (Columbus, Ga.)
Commitment Date: July 22, 2009
Recruited By: Kirby Smart
What have you been doing since Signing Day? Basically just working out, trying to get in shape. I've been playing some basketball to get some extra running in.
Is it a little tough knowing that you're done in basketball? "Definitely. At first, when I made the decision that it's over I was all right with it. These past couple of week I've been playing some pick-up games. It's sad to know that it isn't what I'll do."
Just by chance are you watching the NCAA Tournament right now (Note: Kentucky vs. Cornell was just starting)? "Yeah."
Which team did you pick in your bracket? "I had Kansas, but that that wasn't working for me. I did two (brackets), I think I have Duke in the other."
Present size: "6-7, 255."
On his offseason workouts: "Pretty intense. I'm just trying to get more and more reps with higher weight every single day."
On what kind of position plans may be in the works: "They're saying similar to Colin (Peek's) position last year, more of the receiving tight end. They want to utilize my size and speed against defenders."
On his weight room numbers: "We're maxing in two weeks, but I put up 225 maybe 13 or 14 times the other day."
But you have long arms, so that's pretty good, right? "Yeah. I just won a golf tournament and the jacket didn't fit."
On his reporting date: "I think I move in May 28."
On his future jersey number: "I was looking at the roster to see what may be taken, so I said 18. A number doesn't really matter to me."
Self-description of playing style: "Aggressive. One hundred percent every play. Playing Single-A football they don't take you as seriously as they should, like 5A or 6A. So you have to go out every day and compete and show your worth."
On what you're looking forward to the most on campus: "Mainly just the game atmosphere. Coming from Single-A football we had max maybe 1,000 fans."
On his future roommate: "I think, I'm not sure, it's Harrison Jones."
What will it be like the first time you play Florida? "I don't know. I grew up a Gator fan. My dad, my mom, my sister, a lot of family members went there. I'm sort of an outcast in the family. There will be a lot of emotions in that game because you always want to play the team you followed. You just want to knock them out. Florida is known as a powerhouse and Alabama is coming back as it used to be."
On why Alabama was right for him: "Everything about it. The main thing I was looking for when I looked at schools was where could I fit in best in terms of offensive style and where I would be the happiest. Alabama, without a doubt was it. I visited a number of other schools, but Alabama was the only one I missed after I left.
On his recruitment by other schools: "It ultimately came down to Alabama and Oklahoma. I can't even remember the final eight, there was LSU, Miami, Boston College, Auburn, Florida State and … We'll just say top seven."
Something most people don't know about you: "I've never been asked that one before. I'm afraid of caves."
Good thing there doesn't appear to be any on campus: "Yeah, that was the deciding factor (laughs)."
On other athletic interests: "This spring I had to say goodbye to track. I did it for one year and was pretty successful with the discus. If there's a sport going on you'll probably find me at the game. I love watching baseball."
Favorite movie: "Cinderella Man."
Favorite music/band: "I'm a pretty big Benjy Davis fan."
Favorite food: "Chicken."
Dream car: "Black Avalanche, black rims. I'm limited by my size."