Shaw: Unsportsmanlike conduct rules changing

Steve Shaw, SEC Coordinator of Football Officials, kicked off the second day at SEC media days.
Shaw said that college football rules would remain largely unchanged. However, one major difference will come from unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. If a player does a flip or taunts an opponent before entering the end zone or while in the end zone after a touchdown, the ball will be placed 15 yards from the spot of the foul and the touchdown will not count.
Another rule change involves the final two minutes of regulation. A 10-second subtraction will occur if an offensive player causes a foul or makes a false start. The offense will be penalized along with the 10-second subtraction.
A player is no longer allowed to block another player out of bounds; doing so will result in a 5-yard penalty.
"The best way for our officials to learn is video," Shaw said. "There has been a lot we have been working on this summer. We have a strong on-field philosophy, a driving consistency.
"I know you want perfection from our officiating crew, our fans demand it. We desire perfection on every play and every game, but I cannot guarantee you it will happen. But what I will guarantee you is that every official will have a strong work ethic to improve each week."