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Recruits React: Commits and targets respond to Alabama's win over Texas A&M

Jordan Seaton, 2024, Offensive Line
Jordan Seaton, 2024, Offensive Line

Alabama won yesterday on the road despite facing some early diversity. With the Tide currently at 5-1 It was a major victory for who will win the SEC West. Going into the game, there were a lot of questions on how the Tide would respond and, ultimately, how they would fare against a Texas A&M team that has been playing some solid football.

After the victory, we caught up with several commits and targets to get their take on the game. Here is what some of the recruits had to say.


"The game showed me that BAMA still runs the show!"

"Alabama showed they can earn a gritty hard fought dub."

"It was a great game! Good atmosphere overall. I enjoyed the game and experience."

"Alabama just continues to improve every week. Good win."

"The game was awesome. I love how the defensive line created a second line of scrimmage, getting off the ball with violent hands and putting pressure on the quarterback making playing in the backfield."

"It was a little unsettling here and there but the way the defense was playing there was no real concern. Plus the offense really stepped up and came through yesterday."

"I thought the final score was closer than expected, but ultimately Alabama pulled it out. They're showing improvement week to week."

"I think it was a great team win. It showed that Alabama is not out of contention for a national championship. We are still a dominant team and a powerhouse."

“It was a great game I loved the energy from both teams.”

"A win is a win. I'm with the Tide, win or lose."

"To go in there and win in that environment speaks to the culture and dominate of Alabama football. When they lock in, few teams have a chance of beating them. I'm very impressed with the defense. It's hard to be dominated on defense with how the passing game has evolved. The dynasty is just being reworked, and it's just a matter of time before Alabama is back on top."

"It was a great win. They played hard and won an important game."

"I really think it showed how good we can be. Shot ourselves in the foot a lot with the penalties and still dominated. If we eliminate some of the penalties we would've blown them out."

"I thought it was a very competitive game. Both teams played well. I feel like it was a big win for Alabama overall."

"That was a big win. It's a tough place to play and get a win. It was impressive."

"They looked good. I'm glad they shut down all the talk with the win. The offense is starting to click, and the defense has been playing great. It's about to get scary."

"Love the way Alabama fought til the end and executed coming out with the win. It was very impressive."

“Outstanding defensive performance. The offense played great. I think Milroe proved his self, once we get rid of penalties we will be just fine.”

“It was very impressive, they stayed poised throughout the whole game against a crazy home field advantage.”

“Overall, great team win.”

“Well put together game by Bama.. Defense stepped up big!!!”

“It was a great game to watch.”

“Big time win! I’m really impressed with the DL and how they are getting to the QB.”

“Great man, I enjoyed watching it. It was a good game.”

“Jermaine Burton played a hell of a game, caught every ball thrown to him, ran the ball good when he caught the ball, and would get many yards running down the field, they couldn’t tackle him. Defensive line played hard through out the game. Got hella pressure towards the end of the game. They fought hard throughout the whole game. Defense put all the weight on their shoulder and fought to win. Overall, Alabama played good.”

“Good win it’s always hard to win at A&m but they got the job done.”

“Was a rocky game but at the end of the day them boys did what they was supposed to do which is win.”