BamaInsider - Players, recruits talk win on Twitter
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Players, recruits talk win on Twitter

Alabama football players and recruits took to Twitter following the Tide's exciting SEC Championship win over Georgia.
[View the story "Alabama beats Georgia for SEC Championship " on Storify]Alabama beats Georgia for SEC Championship
Storified by tuscaloosanews · Sat, Dec 01 2012 19:57:45Alabama players shared their photos and thoughts after beating Georgia for the SEC Championship and earning a trip to Miami to defend the national championship against Notre Dame.Never been prouder of a group of guys. So much adversity but we never stopped fighting. My favorite game of all time. Next stop Miami! RTRBarrett JonesRoll tide I love my team beast mode. We will not be denied. Hungry dogs run faster. I need everybody to turn up.HULK76ALABAMALol I love the haters! Keep doubting me and keep doubting my teammates!! We will just keep proving you wrong... #wishuwereinmiami #bcWErAJ McCarronJust posted a photo WilliamsHeard MIAMI is nice this Time Of Year? #teamturnupJesse WilliamsMe and my dog @BigQD90 WilliamsI'm glad I was able to come through even though my ankle started back bothering me.. #DreamComeTrueAmariTaking my talents to South Beach!!!!!!! Perry"Congrats to @KDx17 ! I've never been happier for you. Can't wait to see you play in Miami :)" <3Kenyan Drake™ Tell uncle Luke I'm out in MIAMI TOO!! #rolldamntideHa HaYou already know what it is COLLINSMe and my dog @b_ivory62 Hit my boy on twitter @b_ivory62 we celebrating our win tonight can't wait to get COLLINSSo fired up! Can't believe we're going BACK to the Natl Championship! This is my first time to be an SEC champ and it feels great!Harrison W. Jones#RollTide #15?Alec MorrisGoing to Miami!!!!!!!Alec MorrisGlory b to Godcyrus kouandjioHustle beats talent when talent doesnt hustle.Alphonse TaylorYes suh there that baby go!!!! My boy QD #ball #secchamps #thankgod TaylorThat's how BAMA BALL!!!! Give it up to GOD none of this was possible without him #RTR #BAMA #SECCHAMPS TaylorSEC CHAMPIONS! ALL GLORY TO GOD!Cody MandellI wouldnt wanna be on any other team!!!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!! #Roadto15Austin ShepherdJimmy V put it best, don't give up don't ever give up. Incredible experience tonight in Atl! #Roadto15Ryan KellyAlabama commitments also took to Twitter to brag about the Crimson Tide's SEC Championship.ROLL TIDE!!!!!We have more national championships than we have hatersDeMarcus WalkerWE GOIN TO THE SHIP WE GOIN TO THE SHIP!!! #RTR #RoadTo15!!Bradley BozemanYessir i cant wait RT @bigbrad78: @BIBTY_12 and me and you ganna be playin for 16 next year!!Josh McNeil@BIBTY_12 and me and you ganna be playin for 16 next year!!Bradley BozemanIt was close one but we got it done!!#RollTideO.J. HowardYeasir bro RT @bigbrad78: WE GOIN TO THE SHIP WE GOIN TO THE SHIP!!! #RTR #RoadTo15!!Josh McNeilIll see y'all in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ill see y'all in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Josh McNeilROLlTIdE ,, we Nda CHIp!!Anthony Averett JrAnd the Tide would not be complete without this guy.Enjoying the SEC championship win with @Alabama_Cheer! Roll Tide!!! Al $99 Gift Card for Alabama fans!