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Mal Moore needs lung transplant

New University of Alabama athletics director Bill Battle said in a radio interview Tuesday that his predecessor, Mal Moore, needs a lung transplant.
"He has a lung condition and is in need of a lung transplant," Battle told WJOX FM's Opening Drive. "As I understand it , he's got to build his body up to be stronger than what it was at least a week ago to be able to handle the stress that comes with a transplant. So they told him they're going to work him harder than he's ever worked to get to that point."
Moore has been at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., since March 13.
"But getting the lung is not the end of the deal. He's got to work harder than he's ever worked to get back to leading a normal or relatively normal life.
"He's got a tough and resilient spirit, and I'm confident that Mal can fight and win this thing."
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