Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Site questions
Q: What content is available for free?
A: Most of the content at is premium for subscribers. We periodically provide Alabama team news as free content for readers. Recruiting news and recruiting chats are premium for subscribers and worth the price for a subscription.
Q: How do I contact the moderators?
A: You can send an e-mail to all the TideSports moderators by e-mailing
Q: Why was my post deleted?
A: If one of your posts on the message boards was deleted, it was most likely in violation of one of the message board rules, which is found by clicking here. If you have read the rules and still unclear about why your post was deleted, e-mail the moderators. They are happy to discuss it with you.
Once a post has been deleted, the moderators will not discuss the deleted post any further on the message board. If you wish for a further explanation, the only way to do so is by e-mailing the moderators.
Q: How do I post a sig?
A: At the User Options page, under Message Board Options, look for the box titled Signature (HTML allowed).
Once you have found an image you would like to use as your sig photo (must be less than 600 pixels wide) enter the following HTML code:
img src="http://www.webaddresshere.jpg"
Replace the web address in the code with the URL of the photo you would like to use as your sig and then hit Submit for your sig to be active.
Q: My posting privilege has been revoked. How do I get it back?
A: Send an e-mail to
Q: I have a question about my membership.
A: For any questions about your or membership account, please consult our Member Services page.
Q: How do I access TideSports on my mobile phone or handheld wireless device?
A: Enter the following web address to access a more wireless device-friendly version of
Or you just Click Here.
Football questions
Q: What is the "85 rule" regarding football scholarship limits?
A: Schools may not have more than 85 football players on scholarship at any time. The number of incoming freshmen who report in August must not push the scholarship roster above this number. In other words, if 25 incoming freshmen report on scholarship, then no more than 60 returning players on scholarship.
Q: What is the "25 rule" regarding incoming signees?
A: A school can bring in no more than 25 incoming freshmen on scholarship each fall.
Q: If only 25 signees can enroll in the fall, how can the school take more than 25 commitments?
A: Despite the "25 rule", there is no limit to how many football players a school can accept letters of intent from on National Signing Day. Various factors bring the number down to 25 in time for fall camp in August. Among them: Signees who fail to qualify academically; signees who enroll in the spring instead of the fall (also called backcounters); signees who defer enrollment to the following spring (also called grayshirts); signees who begin their careers as a walk-on. Coaches pre-determine a plan so that signees know ahead of time if they might be affected by a numbers problem.
Q: What is the best way to get a recruiting question answered?
A: Post recruiting question on the 'Talk of Champions' message board. Andrew Bone, who is considered the best in the industry in recruiting coverage, frequents the message board daily and answers questions. Join Andrew Bone each week for recruiting chats. Normally held each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Check the message board weekly for any changes. Follow on twitter @AndrewJBone