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Former Tide QB passes time by answering questions

Saturday afternoon, former University of Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy decided to pass the time while doing laundry and decided to do an impromptu Q&A session with fans who follow him on Twitter.
He received more than 1,000 questions, but here are some of the ones he answered (and cleaned up a little).
Dream team to sign with? Dallas Cowboys
Kobe or Lebron? "Kobe."
Coming to a basketball game anytime soon? "Wish I could."
Favorite NFL player growing up? "Troy Aikman."
Dream team to be drafted by, not Cowboys. "Arizona Cardinals or Tennessee Titans."
What's your best NCAA football memory as a QB for the Tide? "Winning the team's 13th National Championship."
Favorite family vacation? "The Montage in Laguna Beach or Cruise in the Caribbean."
Favorite stadium to play in ... other then Bryant Denny of course. "LSU."
Celtics or Lakers? Lakers. "I was born in LA."
What is you major in college? I take sports management to do broadcasting but I need a major. "Marketing."
Cowboys; contender or pretender in 2011? "Contender. Love Coach Garrett and I fully expect to see Romo to have an amazing year."
What would you want to be doing (profession) other than football? "Broadcaster while attending law school."
Best player you played against at Bama? "Drake Nevis."
Which current NFL WR do you wish you could throw to? "Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, or Wes Welker."
Was it a dream to be QB at Bama when you were a kid? "No I wanted to play baseball at Stanford."
Alabama's biggest competition for the national championship in 2011? "Oklahoma."
Favorite scripture? "Mathew 10:32-34."
What law school would you want to attend? "Northwestern or Arizona State."
What other positions did you play growing up? "Played every position."
Who helped you the most in your collage career? "Julio Jones."
Favorite laundry detergent? "Tide, ha."
NCAA or Madden? "NCAA."
How many pushups can you do while being stung by African sand bees? "Haha good question."
What is your favorite sport after football? "Baseball."
Favorite hobby other than football? "Baseball and golf."
Crazy question what is your favorite children's book? "Goodnight Moon."
Favorite band/singer? "The Eagles or Garth Brooks."
What was the name of the play on the TD pass in '08 against AU? "Near I Lt Peter pass Rt x-corner."
Which team you guys played had the best visiting team facilities? "Arkansas by far!"
What's the most helpful attribute/skill for a WR to have from a QB perspective? "No ego."
How did you REALLY feel when Colt McCoy went down in the National title game? "Felt bad. Colt is a great competitor."
Favorite part of Gamedays while at Bama? "Walk of Champions, Rammer Jammer, when they play Sweet Home Alabama."
Favorite current QB to watch? "Aaron Rodgers or Brady."
Is Nick Fairley as good as Coach Richt has said he is in his comparisons to Warren Sapp? "He's very, very good."
Ever thought of going overseas and hanging with troops? A lot of Bama fans in the service. "Wish I could."
Which SEC team did you look forward playing the most? "LSU."
Who's your favorite Kardashian? "None I still don't know why they're famous."
Where does South Carolina's home environment rank? Even not being a Bama fan, I enjoyed watching you play. "Very cool."
Who's your agent? "Eric Metz."
Do you think a radio in QB helmet would be good for college football? "No."
Favorite part of the university of Alabama, besides football? "The tradition."
Will you please live tweet the NFL Draft? "Last year it was terrifically insightful. Definitely."
Many kills did you get in your best match of Call of Duty? "31."
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? "Ask the Geico Guy."
Favorite TV show/movie? "Lost."
Do you still talk to Mark and Julio, sharing experiences with each other? "Yes."
Best player you played against at Bama? "Berry and Peterson are too obvious."
Are you still friends with John Parker Wilson? "Yes."
In N Out or 5 guys? "In N Out."
Favorite MLB team? "LA Dodgers. No other team exists in my world."
Guilty pleasure? "Mentos Fruit."
Dream coach to play for? "Bear Bryant."