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FAQ and Troubleshooting

This is an updated list that should answer some common problems we get questions about and who to contact. Below that, you'll find a list of issues we've heard about from you all and the answers to them. If there's something we haven't included on this list that you would like me to or if something isn't clear, please email me ( You might also check the Rivals Help page here.

If there's an offensive post, click the "report" button on there and a mod will look at it as soon as possible.

If you have a question about the site or need to bring something to the attention of the staff, email or PM us. Our support email is If you post your question on the message board, we probably won't see it. We cannot see everything on the message boards. If you email or PM us, we will see it and will respond.

If you cannot sign in to your account or have other problems with your account, you can contact Rivals online at this help form. You can also email us at

The staff does not handle problems with subscriptions or billing. You'll need to contact Rivals Customer Service with the online help form for those issues.

If there's an error that needs to be fixed or some part of the site is not working, email us at and we'll try to get to the bottom of it.

How To And More

1. Why is the message board showing old posts first instead of new posts?

You've probably accidentally hit the "last message" button a the top of the list of threads on the board. To change it back to normal, click it again so the arrow next to "last message" is pointing down. On the picture below, "last message" is circled in green.

If you've done this on your smartphone or your tablet, you may have to rotate the screen to horizontal to have "last message" appear as an option.

2. Why are there only recruiting threads (or one specific type of thread) showing up and there are no others?

You've probably accidentally clicked on one of the "stickers" the staff uses on certain posts to highlight certain topics. Your screen probably looks something like this, though if you've clicked on a sticker for "softball" or something else, it will only show posts with that sticker.

To undo this, click the red button in the top right corner of the message board that looks like a zero with a strike-through (the Ghostbusters symbol without the ghost behind it). That will remove the filter and show all posts instead of just posts on that topic.

If this is an issue on your phone, you may need to rotate it to landscape view to have the zero strike-through appear.

3. What are the binoculars next to a thread that I have posted in? Does this mean I'm being watched?

No, it does not mean you're being watched by someone else. It means the opposite: You are "watching" that thread, probably because you have posted in it. When I post in a thread, it has purple binoculars next to the thread I have posted in. Like this:

It helps keep track of conversations I've participated in if I want to go back and check on them later. If you want to change your options on which threads you are watching, go to the top right of your screen on the gray bar and hover over your username until a drop-down menu appears.

Then click on "preferences," the fifth option down in the first column. That should take you to this screen. From here, unselect "automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply." It is circled in green below. You also have the option to turn off email alerts when a thread you are watching is replied to.

4. What does the lock symbol next to a thread mean?

Here's the lock symbol next to several posts that are also "pinned" to the top of the message board. The lock symbol is the yellow one on the left, directly above the word "edit" where all three symbols are present:

This means the topic is locked and not open for further posts or replies. Staff and moderators can post in locked threads, but most users cannot.

5. How do I include a Tweet/YouTube video in a post?

It might seem like these are two different things, but you actually use the same tool for both of them. This also works for some other social media that can be shared (Facebook/Instagram) and some other video (like Rivals/Yahoo! video).You'll click on the "media" button circled in green below that looks like a strip of film.

From there, if it's a YouTube video, you paste the URL (the page address, that starts with and continues on after that).

If it's a Tweet, you use the URL for the Tweet. DO NOT try to "embed" the tweet. It won't work.

To get the URL for a Tweet, you can either click on the tweet to expand it, then click "Details" to take you to that tweet's URL, OR click on the three dots below the tweet, then click "copy link to tweet." Here is where you'll find those options on a tweet. You don't need to do both, just choose one or the other:

6. How do I include a picture or gif in a post?

1. Go to

2. Find gif you want to add

3. Right click over image (copy image address)

4. Place (paste) that image link that you have copied into the message board media option

7. How do I send a private message (PM) to another poster?

Click user's avatar image (user icon)

Type message

Click start conversation

8. How do I put another poster on ignore?

Enabling the 'ignore' feature means posts made by another user will be hidden when you are reading the message board. If you feel a member is repeatedly trolling or you just decide you don't want to see another poster's thoughts anymore, this may be a good use of this feature.Click on their username to the right of the post, as found here:

That will bring up a small menu like this. Click on 'ignore' in the top right, as found here:

You can also enable the 'ignore' feature while looking at a user's profile. The 'ignore' option is still in the top right, as found here: