Cris Carter clarifies sons eligibility status

TUSCALOOSA | With rumors swirling about junior college transfer Duron Carter's eligibility at the University of Alabama, Cris Carter set out to clear the air speaking to about the misinformation going around about his son.
Growing wearisome of the untrue rumors floating about, Carter told, "Duron won't be at practice today, and he won't be there (Friday)."
Contrary to what some believe, this is not an NCAA issue. Duron Carter is waiting on grades for two of his summer classes to be added to his transcript and then sent to the University of Alabama for review. Once Carter's transcript has been received and reviewed, an enrollment decision will be made. Cris Carter said he doesn't expect any problem once UA receives the completed transcript.
"Someone made a mistake," Carter said. "If I had known this was going to be a problem we could have taken care of it in July. But someone made a mistake and Duron is having to pay for it. It should be worked out soon enough. Alabama has the best compliance department in the country, and Duron will be at practice as soon as possible.
"We're working on it as I speak. Duron could be in practice by the end of next week. It just depends on when the grades come in and are added to the transcript."
Other schools have continued to recruit Duron Carter during the process, but Cris Carter said he and Duron remain 100 percent committed to Nick Saban and Alabama.
"Coach Saban and Alabama have stuck by Duron from the beginning," Cris Carter said. "We knew this was going to be a rocky process, and Coach Saban and Alabama haven't wavered one bit. We're not wavering either. Duron's playing to Alabama."
Duron Carter brings size and a physical presence, which the Crimson Tide needs after Julio Jones' departure. Given that, Alabama fans have been clamoring to get a look at the talented junior college transfer. It appears the wait will be just a bit longer, but the Carter family remains optimistic that Duron will be eligible to practice by late next week. will continue to stay on top of this story and will report any news as it becomes available.
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