BamaInsider - Calloway plans to enroll in August
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Calloway plans to enroll in August

Brent Calloway has had a tumultuous last six months. Now, it looks like the 2011 signee will have to wait another month before enrolling at the University of Alabama and begin working out with the Crimson Tide.
Calloway was hoping to enroll in UA's Summer II term, but another mix-up with one of his classes has prevented him from doing that, and he will have to wait until August before taking his first class at Alabama.
"Everything collapsed," Calloway said. "There was a bunch of mix-ups at my school. I didn't know which class I was supposed to take, and I didn't take that class. I graduated fine, but I just didn't know I was supposed to take that class. I took the class, but they said I finished it too fast, so I had to take another class. Now I have to take this class for the next four weeks."
The Russellville High School star doesn't know who's responsible for the mistake, but he's frustrated that he can't get down to Tuscaloosa to start working out.
"I don't know who mixed it up," Calloway said. "Somehow, somebody messed up something, and I'm the one who has to pay the consequences for it. "I'm very excited (to get to UA), but every time I get ready to get down there and I think I'm good, something always comes up."
Calloway is confident that once he finishes the class he is scheduled to take this month, there will be no more issues regarding his eligibility.
"After I finish this class, I'm straight," he said. "I asked them today, 'Are you sure this is the last class I have to take? If I finish this class, am I going to get accepted?' They said if I go ahead and do it, I'll be straight."
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