BONE: Devlin Hodges camps with Tide

The quarterback prospect, from Mortimer Jordan High School In Morris, Ala., was eager to perform in front of the offensive coordinator.
"The Bama camp went awesome today," said Devlin Hodges. "Coach Nuss said that I have improved, and that I improve every time he sees me. He said I did good, and that he wants to make sure I send in the first three game films of my season. He wants me to put on some weight.
"The visit went really well overall. [I was] really pleased. I really liked that it was intense, and they push us. It was also real organized.
"I feel like I did really well. I did a lot better than the last time. I really improved on a lot. I know there were some good players out there. I heard Jalen Manning stood out today."

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