Alabama signee updates

COOPER BATEMAN Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Cottonwood Senior (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 190
Position: Quarterback
LEON BROWN Ranking: 3-Star
High School: ASA College (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 315
Position: Offensive tackle
RAHEEM FALKINS Ranking: 4-Star
High School: G.W. Carver (New Orleans)
Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 192
Position: Wide receiver
DERRICK HENRY Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Yulee (Fla.)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 243
Position: Running back
BRANDON HILL Ranking: 3-Star
High School: Hargrave Military Academy (Chatham, Va.)
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 350
Position: Offensive tackle
O.J. HOWARD Ranking: 5-Star
High School: Autagua Academy
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 220
Position: Tight end
PARKER MCLEOD Ranking: 3-Star
High School: Walton (Marietta, Ga.)
Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 189
Position: Quarterback
JONATHAN ALLEN Ranking: 5-Star
High School: Stone Bridge (Ashburn, Va.)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 255
Position: Defensive end
Bone says: Allen is physically one of the most impressive players in the country. He's a devastating tackler who is quick off the ball and very explosive.
ROBERT FOSTER Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Central Valley (Monaca, Pa.)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 170
Position: Wide receiver
TYREN JONES Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Walton (Marietta, Ga.)
Height: 5-foot-8 Weight: 185
Position: Running back
EDDIE JACKSON Ranking: 3-Star
High School: Boyd Anderson (Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.)
Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 180
Position: Defensive back
TIM WILLIAMS Ranking: 4-Star
High School: University Laboratory School (Baton Rouge, La.)
Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 230
Position: Defensive end
DARIUS PAIGE Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Foley
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 295
Position: Defensive tackle
JONATHAN COOK Ranking: 3-Star
High School: Spanish Fort
Height: 6-foot Weight: 185
Position: Defensive back
High School: Fultondale
Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 190
Position: Athlete
High School: Woodbury (New Jersey)
Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 175
Position: Athlete
Bone says: Averett is very athletic and can play on either side of the ball. Excellent ball skills, size and speed.
ALTEE TENPENNY Ranking: 4-Star
High School: North Little Rock (Ark.)
Height: 6-foot Weight: 212
Position: Running back
COLE MAZZA Ranking: 3-Star
High School: Liberty (Bakersfield, Calif.)
Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 240
Position: Offensive line/Long snapper
MAURICE SMITH Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Dulles (Sugar Land, Texas)
Height: 5-foot-11 Weight: 174
Position: Defensive end
GRANT HILL Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Huntsville
Height: 6-foot-6 Weight: 300
Position: Offensive guard/tackle
WALKER JONES Ranking: 3-Star
High School: Evangelical Christian School (Cordova, Tenn.)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 230
Position: Linebacker
REUBEN FOSTER Ranking: 5-Star
High School: Auburn
Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 228
Position: Linebacker
DEE LINER Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Muscle Shoals
Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 274
Position: Defensive end
High School: Dooly County (Vienna, Ga.)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 290
Position: Defensive tackle
High School: Placer (Calif.)
Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 310
Position: Defensive tackle
JARRAN REED Ranking: 3-Star
High School: East Mississippi Community College (Scooba, Miss.)
Height: 6-foot-4 Weight: 305
Position: Defensive end
ANTONIO CONNER Ranking: 4-Star
High School: South Panola (Batesville, Miss.)
Height: 6-foot-2 Weight: 202
Position: Safety
ALVIN KAMARA Ranking: 4-Star
High School: Norcross High School, Ga
Height: 5-foot-10 Weight: 192
Position: Running back
Rivals Ranking: Five-star, No. 4 defensive tackle
Position: Defensive Tackle
Height: 6-foot-5, Weight305-pounds
High School: Arlington Heights High School (Fort Worth, Texas)
Bone says: A physical force in the middle with excellent strength and power. He can play on either side of the ball.