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Alabama Crimson Tide football question of the day

BamaInsider is looking to bring the discussion surrounding Alabama football to the fans. In this daily feature, we’ll be tackling a question concerning the Crimson Tide while also allowing you the fans to give your take.

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Tua Tagovailoa’s injured right ankle seems to be improving, slowly but surely. Wednesday, head coach Nick Saban said the starting quarterback “made a lot of progress,” as he was able to participate more during practice. Tagovailoa has been fully dressed out except for cleats during the past two media viewing sessions of practice. Wednesday, the left-hander was seen throwing passes early in the period before taking a more limited role in the workout.

“We’ll see where he’s at tomorrow and kind of go from there,” Saban said. “But we’ve got lots of guys that we have to manage through the year when it gets to this point in the season. Hopefully, he’ll be able to do something tomorrow.”

Tagovailoa returned from a high-ankle sprain for the game against LSU over the weekend, less than three weeks after surgery. While he committed two turnovers in the first half, he rallied after the break to nearly lead Alabama to a comeback, finishing the game 21 of 40 for 418 yards with four touchdowns and an interception. Following the valiant effort, Tagovailoa was seen limping off the field.

This week Alabama heads into Saturday’s game as three-touchdown favorites against Mississippi State.

Today's question —  Should Alabama play Tua Tagovailoa this week?

Kyle Henderson: Without question, Tua Tagovailoa battled through four quarters against LSU in an admirable performance, throwing for 418-yards with four-touchdowns. Coming off Alabama's first loss of the season, he's shown signs of a limp in his walk, and therefore I believe it's in the best interest of him not to play this weekend. He likely needs to rest until Alabama's Nov. 30 matchup against Auburn.

The Crimson Tide has already proven it can win with Mac Jones at quarterback. It would not surprise me if Nick Saban decides to sit Tagovailoa against the Bulldogs. With the Crimson Tide ranked No. 5 in the latest playoff rankings, it's clear that Alabama's season is far from over. Resting Tagovailoa this weekend seems like it makes the most sense.

Tony Tsoukalas: Alabama doesn’t need Tua Tagovailoa to beat Mississippi State, but if he’s healthy he should play to some extent, if nothing else to send the right message to the rest of the team. Nick Saban has put a lot of emphasis on finishing this season the right way. That means respecting each opponent properly. If Tagovailoa is cleared to go, Alabama should march him out there for a few series, and take him out once it goes up by a few scores.

What's your take?

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