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Alabama closing in on one of its prime offensive line targets

Miles McVay, four-star offensive tackle from East St. Louis High School in Illinois, arrived in Tuscaloosa on Sunday evening before spending two full days on the University of Alabama campus. He returned home on Wednesday after another successful trip with one of the top contenders in his recruitment.

McVay has visited Alabama several times, but this trip was a little different. It was still an unofficial visit, and he will wait to take an official visit October 8. The difference was his mom and and another relative taking their first visit to Alabama.

"The visit was a lot of fun," McVay stated. "I'm not gonna lie, I had a blast! My dad, mother and uncle went with me. They loved it. My uncle is a long-time Bama fan. He got to meet Coach Saban for the first time. He said afterwards that he can cross it off his bucket list. I think he took a picture in every spot in Coach Saban's office.

"The meeting with Coach Saban was really good. He was more just introducing himself to my mother. My dad and I have been down a few times, so he's well aware of us. He told her about the program, what all he does and how he operated. He asked if she had any questions."

So what questions did McVay's mom have for Alabama?

"Most of her questions came during the academic tour," the Midwest lineman said. "Our family is big on education, but she is really big on it. She asked about academic tutors and stuff like that. She knows football will end one day, so she wants me to have that degree.

"She trusts me and my dad enough on the football side. Her final words to Coach Saban were, 'as a mother she feels safe to let her son come down here.' I guess you can say they did a pretty good job recruiting her this week."

Alabama added its first offensive line commitment earlier this week in Wilkin Formby. The Crimson Tide expects to sign a large class at the position and eager for remaining targets to get on board prior to the start of the season.

Alabama has hosted some its other top targets this month including Kadyn Proctor, Olaus Alinen, Francis Mauigoa, Samson Okunlola, Raymond Pulido and Ryqueze McElderry. A few more decisions may happen soon. Coach Wolford has recruited McVay since before he joined the Alabama staff earlier this year. He is eager to add McVay’s name to the commitment list.

"He was talking to me about committing," McVay said of his conversations with Coach Wolford. "Majority of guys are going to commit soon as we get closer to the end of the summer. He said he is trying to sign five offensive linemen, and they just filled one of those spots. He said a spot is always open for me though."

McVay has seen the campus and facilities plenty of times. He knows the coaching staff very well and knows what Alabama can provide on-and-off the field to help reach his short and long term goals. There was something he had not experienced during any visits with Alabama.

"I got a chance to do some of the drills out on the field with the players," he said. "The coaches were not out there. It was good to work-out with them. It was definitely an eye-opener. I didn't realize how fast they move.

"I asked afterwards to one of the trainers if I am out of shape or if they just train really hard. He said both; you can be in the best shape in the world, but come down here and you are still going to be worn out. It was a big reason I went down there. I wanted to get the full experience with the team.

"I had met a majority of the players before. I was talking in the training room with Will Anderson, Jermaine Burton, Jordan Battle and Dallas Turner. They were really just getting to know me; it was a friendly conversation. I hung out with some of the guys and played a few games of Madden."

A final decision is just around the corner as he has his eyes on a possible August 11 commitment date. The date is not set in stone quite yet. He will take an official visit to Oregon this weekend. He has also taken visits this month to Jackson State, Michigan State and Texas A&M.

McVay has a favorite school, East St.Louis High School, where he hopes to capture another state championship during his senior season. He will fly to Eugene on Thursday evening, and will likely take another unofficial visit at the of July (announced at a later date).

Alabama has been considered a front-runner in his recruitment for several months. He will take the next few weeks (during the dead period) to consider all of his options before preparing for his college commitment.

"I really like the school," McVay said of Alabama. "It was my first time getting the full experience as far as working out with the team. It was great to get a feel for how they work.They are out there trying to develop their craft to be the best they can be.

"The guys are real serious there. They work hard even when the coaches aren't on the field. You can just tell and see how focused they are out there. The veteran leadership is something you can fall in love with as a player. You see Will Anderson and Jordan Battle out there leading the guys. It doesn't get any better than that."

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