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2014-15 NCAA Recruiting Calendar and key dates

Ever wonder when your team's coaching staff is allowed to be on the road recruiting? We've broken down the 2014-15 recruiting calendar with dates, rules and definitions.
Contact Period: College coaches can evaluate a recruit anywhere, can have in-person contact and can make any kind of electronic contact (phone calls, e-mail, text, etc.).
Evaluation Period: College coaches can visit a recruit's school to evaluate his academic and athletic abilities but the coach may not have in-person contact. Coaches can, however, make phone calls to the recruit or his parents/guardians. Recruits may also visit college campuses.
Quiet Period: College coaches can not evaluate players off campus at any location. Coaches can make in-person contact with a recruit or his parents/guardians on the coaches' college campus. Phone calls are permitted and a recruit can visit college campuses at any time during a quiet period.
Dead Period: A college coach can not make in-person contact with a recruit but the coach can make telephone calls to recruits or their legal guardians.
August 1-31: Quiet Period.
September-November 2014: Programs are allowed 42 evaluation days in the months of September, October and November combined. They can use those at their discretion. Assistant coaches cannot visit a recruit's school on more than one calendar day during this period.
Nov. 30-Dec. 14 AND Jan. 15-31, 2015: "Contact periods" -- Coaches at one program can visit recruits a maximum of six times during these two time periods combined, but can visit only once per calendar week (Sunday through Saturday).
Dec. 15, 2014-Jan. 14, 2015: Dead Period. (NOTE: School staff can have contact with a recruit who has been admitted for midyear enrollment and has arrived at the school for initial full-time enrollment.)
Feb. 1, 2015: Quiet Period.
Feb. 2-5, 2015 Dead Period.
Feb. 4, 2015: National Signing Day.
Feb. 6-April 14, 2015: Quiet Period.
April 15-May 31, 2015 (Spring Evaluation Period) Programs have 168 evaluation days combined to use during this period (spring football for high schools around the country).
Assistant coaches can make one visit to a recruit's school to assess his academic qualifications. If the coach opts to conduct both an academic and athletic evaluation of a student athlete on the same visit, the program will just be charged with one day of academic evaluation and that coach can return a second time for an athletic evaluation during the same period.
NOTE: Head coaches or coaches-in-waiting may NOT engage in off-campus recruiting, pariticpate in off-campus coaching clinics, visit a recruit's high school or meet with a recruit's high school coach on an off campus location. (Several coaches like Alabama's Nick Saban and FSU's Jimbo Fisher have been critical of this part of the rule).
NOTE 2: All Sundays during this time span (April 19, April 26, May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24, May 31) and Memorial Day (May 25) are all designated as "quiet period" days.
June 1-28, 2015: Quiet Period. (Many schools use this period to host summer camps on campus.)
June 29-July 12, 2015: Dead Period.
July 13-31, 2015: Quiet Period. (Another popular time for programs to host summer camps).
With Juniors (Class of 2016)
Schools can have general correspondence with recruits in their junior seasons (Class of 2016) starting on September 1, 2014.
Schools may have one phone call with each junior during the spring evaluation period (April 15-May 31, 2015).
With Seniors (Class of 2015)
One phone call per week starting September 1, 2014. During contact periods, correspondence is at the school's discretion.
Off-campus contact (coaches visiting with players) can begin Sunday, November 30, 2014.
Official visits may begin once classes begin for the recruit's senior year.
A school can evaluate a recruit on the recruit's campus a maximum of three times during the school year (once during fall, twice during the spring evaluation period.)