September 25, 2008

Answering the Round Table

Earlier this week, opened the Round Table floor for questions to, the Georgia web site. writer Anthony Dasher provided the following answers to five of your questions:

1.] Question from rcftide: What is the #1 thing UGA's coaches have been stressing this week in practice?

Dasher's reply: Trying to come up with a plan to control the line of scrimmage. Georgia coaches are very impressed with both the offensive line and defensive interior for the Tide. According to defensive line coach Rodney Garner, whoever wins those battles wins the game. I happen to agree.

2.] Question from CDavis11373: How much emphasis, do you think, is the Georgia coaching staff putting on shutting down the run?

Dasher's reply: Obviously that's a HUGE part. All you've got to do is look at the stats and see the Tide leads the conference in rushing, and behind an offensive line which coach Saban said has been the catalyst for his team, it's no secret that for Georgia to have success the Dawgs will have to at least slow down the run.

3.] Question from BamaCassidy: Where are the biggest matchups of the night and what will it take to win them?

Dasher's reply: A lot of folks have pointed to the matchup of freshman center Ben Jones (an Alabama native) vs. Terrence Cody. On paper, that might look like a mismatch, other than the fact I doubt very seriously you'll see Georgia's young offensive line try a lot of one-on-one blocking. You'll see the occasional double team, but the Bulldogs will also use a lot of zone blocks to try and neutralize the Tide's defensive front.

4.] Question from bama4111: I would like to know how you think UGA's offensive linemen matchup to the Bama D-line?

Dasher's reply: It's going to be interesting, No. 1, because Georgia's offensive line is very young (one junior, one sophomore, one true freshman, a redshirt freshman and a redshirt sophomore). The last time Georgia faced a similar test against South Carolina, the Bulldogs struggled somewhat which led to the changes we saw last week against the Sun Devils. Coaches agree that the Tide has by far the best defensive line the Dawgs will have faced this year, perhaps the best they will see all year.

5.] Question from Mann029: What are Georgia's weaknesses, and how do you expect Mark Richt and company to try to cover those up?

Dasher's reply: Right now the biggest weakness I see has been on kickoffs as Blair Walsh and Jamie Lindley have had a difficult time with their consistency kicking the ball deep, which in turn, has allowed opponents to break off several long returns. While I'm sure Georgia coaches will let Walsh "air it out" on his initial kickoff or two, don't be surprised to see the Dawgs take a more directional approach with their kicks to try and keep the Tide from breaking off any long returns.

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