January 26, 2008

Tide coaches visit Star

Having withstood the onslaught of other football programs that have attempted to sneak into the recruitment of Lake Worth (Fl.) quarterback Star Jackson recently, several members of the Alabama coaching staff visited the Rivals250 member on Wednesday for a meeting that had less to do with recruitment than just simply catching up.

"Coach (Lance) Thompson and Coach (Bobby) Williams came and hung out for a few hours with me," said Jackson, an Elite 11 camp participant. "This is the first time I have ever met Coach Williams, and I was very impressed. He is a player's coach. He is the kind of guy who will make sure you become a better person and football player. Coach Saban knows exactly what he is doing when he hires someone. He got someone he is familiar with and someone that likes to win as much as he does.

"We just talked about life mostly. They know other schools have tried to recruit me, but they know I am 100-percent solid to Alabama. They talked a little about the search for an offensive coordinator, but Coach Saban isn't going to rush that decision. It is a key position, and he has a recruiting class to finish up first. This class is going to be the cornerstone of a national championship, and we are putting the finishing touches on it. This class will win a national championship before I get out of school, and you can quote me on that. We are going to be the top recruiting class in the country when all is said and done, but that is just on paper. We will go out and prove it during our careers."

Rumors had persisted for several weeks about other programs potentially trying to get back in the mix for Jackson after the departure of Coach Major Applewhite. Jackson has on more than one occasion stated that any overtures by other programs are futile.

"I have heard from a few schools, but mainly just coaches calling and stuff," said Jackson. "No one has been in here to visit me other than Alabama. I have made it clear to those that have contacted me that I am firm. I am the quarterback of the Alabama signing class, and the quarterback is a leadership position. I consider myself part of the glue of the class. I am not going to mess around with other programs.

"A lot of schools think they have a shot even when you are committed. B.J. Scott is having fun with the process. He is just enjoying the fact that he can take visits and have a good time. There is nothing to worry about with B.J. at all. He loves Alabama more than anyone."

Scott's remaining weeks as a high school student will be focused on two tasks.

"I talk to uncommitted prospects, but I am a football player and not a recruiter," said Jackson. "When I talk to someone like Julio Jones, it is about how life is going. I leave the football talk to our coaches. Julio knows what kind of class Alabama is bringing in, and so do the other guys that aren't committed. It speaks for itself. I am more interested in building relationships with those guys than begging them to come to Alabama.

"I am taking my ACT this weekend and need just a little increase and I will be fine. I have no doubt that I will easily make it. Everything else is going well, and I am just going to enjoy high school while I am here."

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