July 5, 2014

HURT: Drake's bad decisions are adding up

There are criminals in our society. I don't think Kenyan Drake is one of them. There are rebels and sociopaths and maybe a few creaking anarchists left over from the Emma Goldman days. I don't think Drake is one of those, either.

Drake is a young man who makes some bad decisions. As an old man who also makes bad decisions, I can understand that malady without excusing it. Also worth noting: I am not trying to function as part of a 100-man football team, which requires adhering to some pretty strict rules. Drake is a unique talent at running back, blessed with off-the-line explosion that wouldn't have been out of place among the July 4th fireworks on the river. But Drake's promising career has moved ahead by fits and starts, seemingly hampered as much by his own off-the-field issues as the crowded Crimson Tide backfield.

Nick Saban has described those Drake issues as "nothing big," but as an accumulation of minor frustrations in terms of fulfilling his responsibilities.

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