December 17, 2013

HURT: Saban due raise, Texas overtures or not

Every detail of the attempt by certain Texas boosters to attract Nick Saban - or, more precisely, to attract attention to their campaign to oust Mack Brown by hinting that they could attract Nick Saban - may never be known. One part of the narrative, though, is confusing: that Saban somehow "used" the volatile Texas situation to pry a big raise out an unwilling University of Alabama.

Here are the facts: When Saban signed an extension last March, his salary was not significantly adjusted, with most of the additional allocation of money approved by the UA board of trustees going to salaries for assistant coaches and staff. By the end of this season, he was due a raise. And, despite the disappointment of Alabama fans, a one-loss, top-five season with a BCS bowl berth is a success.

No, it is not what everyone - including Saban - hoped for. But it was better than all but two other teams in the country, and if that somehow doesn't pass muster with fans, that speaks more to the hyperinflation of local expectation than anything else.

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