November 15, 2013

HURT: Hand's decision generates rare excitement

Alabama fans wouldn't change a thing, but there have been small casualties during the Crimson Tide football's inexorable rise to the top of the college football world since Nick Saban's arrival. One of those has been genuine recruiting suspense.

For the last five years, at least, Alabama fans have enjoyed the security of knowing with a strong degree of certainty that Saban and his staff would assemble a No. 1 recruiting class. The enjoyment, such as it was for those fans, came in the gradual, fairly predictable assembly process. It was the sort of pleasure one might take in watching a Lamborghini being assembled, a sort of awed respect for craftsmanship and precision. That doesn't mean Alabama beat out every rival for every single prospect, of course. Still, out of a list of about 40 possibilities, Alabama has consistently assembled top-rated classes of 25 or so.

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