September 27, 2012

Insider Report: Pryor leads rushers to victory

Chances are that if you re-watch any of the rushing touchdowns scored by the Seminoles in their four games this season, you will see Lonnie Pryor come out of nowhere to truck a defender and allow Chris Thompson, or Devonta Freeman or James Wilder Jr. to break away and score.

Pryor has been all over the field this year, making the key blocks that allow the Seminole running backs to get in the endzone. It's something he prides himself on.

"It feels good," Pryor said. "I didn't feel like I did as much last year. This year and I can run the ball and do blocking and this year if we need something it feels like the coaches can look up to me to get the job done or get a key block. It feels good that you've got players who believe in you and also the coaches."

They believe in him because each game he comes up big with blocks and keeps giving them reason to believe in him even more.

"Lonnie's been the Old-Reliable here since I've been here," EJ Manuel said.

Pryor has also been a force on the ground in power-back situations and ran the ball three times for 20 yards and a touchdown against Clemson.

"Lonnie's done a great job, he's not selfish at all," Manuel said. "It's starting to pay off for him now."

Pryor wants his teammates to know that they can trust that he will have their back. He tells them before every game.

"I always tell Chris and I tell all the other running backs, no matter if it's (Devonta) Freeman or (James) Wilder or (Debrale) Smiley, whoever is back there, I tell them that whoever my guy is, he won't make the tackle," Pryor said. "So if my guy's is out of the picture, I'm happy. I told them if it's an extra (yardage) play, follow me."

The running backs often do follow Pryor and in keeping his promise, it has worked out for them-he always gets his guy.

ESPN announcers Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit heaped praise on Pryor during their broadcast of the Clemson game, which Pryor smiled about, but then continued to give credit to his teammates.

"It's not all about me, it's about us," Pryor said.

"That boy is all football player," Musberger concluded after Pryor made a crucial block on Chris Thompson's fourth quarter touchdown.

His teammates agree.

The boys are back in town

Florida State's first road game of the season isn't much of a road game at all in the conventional sense-for some Seminoles, it means going home.

For receiver Christian Green and defensive tackle Demonte McAllister, both of whom hail from Tampa, this Saturday's game at USF means the opportunity to play in front of family and friends.

"Definitely excited to go back home and see everybody there," Green said. "And everybody will get a chance to see me play again. Definitely excited to go back home this weekend."

McAllister expressed similar sentiments.

"I'm really excited for this game (to go home), I've been waiting for it for a long time," McAllister said. :I remember in '09 they came and gave us a great whooping, we're trying to go back there and make it different this time."

The two Tampa natives are looking forward to playing in Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both played in the stadium once upon a time, Green for a little league tournament and McAllister in a high school all-star game.

"They didn't shoot the canons off, I wish (they did)," Green said. "It was fun playing out there, at the time it felt big, huge."

Both players have worked on accruing tickets for family and friends in the area. Green managed to snag a few extras, but McAllister beat out even James Wilder's 24 tickets.

"Right now I think I have 25," McAllister said. "The walk-ons get tickets, too…so I kind of hassled them after practice, I was like, 'let me get your tickets!'"


  • Scooter Haggins returned to practice on Tuesday. Fisher said that the wide receiver "had a great day today. Running around, catching balls, looked good."

  • Fisher also praised Devonta Freeman's practice after the running back returned from spending time with his family. "He was re-energized. One of his best practices he's had here in a long time. I was really happy with the practice he had," Fisher said.

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