October 21, 2011

Ramsey remains focused

Camden County quarterback Brice Ramsey is averaging 102 passing yards per game, and seven passing touchdown through seven games, however the pro-style quarterback isn't worried about putting up jaw-dropping stats.

Playing through the whispers regarding his commitment status from inquisitive fan bases, the 2013 Georgia commit has continued to perform, impressing college programs and analysts alike despite the passing-limited offensive game plan he runs for his undefeated Wildcats.

Southeast football recruiting analyst for Rivals.com, Keith Niebuhr, has seen Ramsey in person twice this season. The two games coming against Savannah High and Windsor Forest, and Niebuhr said while Ramsey only averages about 10 to 11 pass attempts per game, the junior's mechanics are compelling enough to buy-in to his next level potential.

"Mechanically he is very solid. As I've written before, the ball really comes off his hand in a high slot and it comes down fast, and it's typically a tight spiral. It's a naturally beautiful throwing motion," Niebuhr said. "But he plays in a wing-T offense, so he doesn't really throw much. He does play a lot under center. And as far as when he does throw, from what I've seen, he does show the ability to read a defense and has the ability to check down if his primary receiver is covered. Again, he doesn't throw a lot so that is something that will need to be worked on, as is the case with any high school quarterback, but I think he is comfortable under center and that is a benefit, to be able to look over at his D, know what he wants, and know how to attack it."

Ramsey said that as the season progresses, he thinks his game sense is improving, along with some other key things.

"I feel like the more games that go on, the smarter I get with the ball, making better decisions and everything, and my footwork is progressing," Ramsey said.

For a top quarterback known for his arm, Ramsey's "footwork" earned plenty attention not all that long ago.

After making an infamous 57-yard field goal in a 58-0 route of Bradwell Institute only a month ago, recruitniks temporarily had something new to talk about that didn't include the phrase "if Richt stays."

The question of "where Ramsey goes" won't be answered with absolute certainty until February 2013, but it is pertinent for reasons beyond the talent he has, but moreover, what other talents he'll bring.

"I have been talking to some guys from up north, up in Northern Georgia, Atlanta area and stuff. I talk to Tramel (Terry), Derrick (Henry) and them and stuff, and the receivers out of Jacksonville, Ahmad (Fulwood)," Ramsey said. "I'm just trying to surround myself with some good players."

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound junior said that being a leader is just in his nature, and while part of that is leading his team and his commitment class for his future team, another part is being there for guys who aren't currently in either of those categories.

As Ramsey mentioned, he keeps in contact with Terry, a 2013 South Carolina native who committed as part of the Fab Four with Ramsey on Dawg night, but who has since re-opened his recruitment.

Terry went through a similar media and fan storm regarding his commitment status before he reneged, and Ramsey was there to listen.

"He just said he was caught up in the moment so, he said he's going to let it play out," Ramsey explained.

Ramsey knows part of getting the best is making sure to stay on them, perhaps a tactic he learned from his own recruitment.

The top prospect is still being contacted often by many of the top programs, with Florida leading the pack. Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis has developed a good bond with the young quarterback and was in Camden County on Monday.

Despite being such a highly sought-after target, Ramsey said he is committed to Georgia, given the understanding the coaching staff who he committed to remains in place. He said he still talks to them virtually every day on Facebook, and said offensive coordinator coach Mike Bobo will be in attendance for his game this Friday.

Ramsey said that while quite a few programs are continually asking him to come out to games, time is too big a constraint to be able to comply. He did say he plans to be at the Georgia-Florida game, Alabama-LSU, Georgia-Auburn, and Florida-Florida State games to finish out the season.

So far this season, Ramsey has only been in Gainesville or Athens on game days, which he said are two uniquely different experiences.

"I went to a Florida game, it was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was like, I don't know, it was crazy down there because I was at field level down there, in the bleachers right behind the end zone, so it was pretty cool," Ramsey said. "But you know, Georgia, I like the fans and everything, and most of them know who I am, so they are really cool with me. And on third down, for the opposing team, I don't know how they do it because it can get really loud in there."

For now, Ramsey doesn't have to worry about which stadium's deafening roar he will be running his teams offense in, and Niebuhr said it wouldn't matter which style of offense he is running either. When he does make the step to the next level, Niebuhr said Ramsey should be able to do what is asked of him.

"I think he is perfectly suited for a pro-style, but again, to be honest, I think he can work in just about any offense because not only does he have that big, accurate arm, but he does move well-this isn't a guy that can't run. He has very good feet, and I don't just mean footwork, I mean foot speed. He can buy time if he needs to, he can throw on the run, but also he can run for yards if that's what is asked of him," Niebuhr said. "But just looking at what he brings to the table, he's kind of a wiry kid, he is clearly better suited for a pro-style offense more than anything else, however, given his overall athleticism, I think he could play pretty much anything."

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