December 12, 2010

Will Theus influence brother?

Not only are the Georgia coaches getting Nathan Theus from the Bolles School in Jacksonville, but as many Bulldog fans know, they're also recruiting younger brother John heavily as well.

So what role will big brother play?

"I'm not really trying to recruit him to Georgia; I'm letting him know how I feel about it and he tells me how he feels and we talk like brothers about it," Nathan Theus said upon returning from this weekend's visit. "So I know how he feels about it and he knows how I feel but he'll put that together and do what's best for him."

While in Athens Theus got to meet new strength and conditioning coach Joe Tereshinski.

Theus is excited about the level of toughness he thinks Tereshinski will bring and thinks he is a perfect fit for the position.

"Coach T, he's exciting and he gave a little speech while we were there. He's a cool guy, he goes all out and you can tell he really wants to win. He knows what it takes to win and he wants the best." Theus says. "If guys go through his program for four years they are either going to come out huge or they're not going to make it. He's an old-school guy and that's kind of what my high school coach is like so it's a great fit."

Saturday's Senior Gala was a big hit as well as Theus and many of Georgia's top remaining recruits spent the weekend in Athens.

Once again, he liked what he saw.

"We spent time together Friday night; we at dinner at the Tate center as a group and then went back to Coach (Mark) Richt's house for dessert. Saturday we had a set schedule for us and everything we did was with the recruits and the coaches," he said. "The banquet was really nice; I had never been to a college banquet before so that was exciting. Sunday we got up and had breakfast with the coaches again - it was a great experience."

Theus was also very impressed by the hospitality of Richt and his family.

"It was nice for him to open up his house to us and to go over there and have dessert, I don't know a lot of coaches that would do that - that was impressive," Theus said.

While Theus enjoyed his visit he admits that it was not all about fun; he and other commitments spent time doing a bit of recruiting themselves.

"We tried to talk to some of the uncommitted recruits; we really just tried to make friends and talk to them about why we chose Georgia and tried to make them feel comfortable there," he said.

Theus and his future teammates pitched Georgia and Coach Richt but said it's still a guessing game when it comes to finding out where some of the recruits will go.

"You can't really tell; everybody in recruiting wants to play the game and doesn't want to tell anybody no until they make their decision," Theus said. "There really is no telling with some of them but at the banquet it was tough to say that you didn't want to go to Georgia because it was such a great environment."

One of the biggest advantages Georgia has in recruiting is the benefit of a strong, supportive fan base and Theus liked how the Georgia fans showed their support for the Bulldogs Saturday night.

"Everybody knew who we were and you could really tell that they really cared about Georgia football and the school," Theus said. "It's (Georgia) a special place and I'm glad that I'm going to get the chance to play there."

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